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2017/11/29 5:17:17 PM : New Admissions : Registration Open for the Academic Year 2019-20, please contact +91 98843 05698 for admission

Montessori Education

Maria Montessori believed that finding one’s place in the world, finding work that is meaningful and fulfilling, and developing the inner peace and depth of soul that allows us to love are the most important goals in life. A physician specializing in both pediatrics and psychiatry, Dr. Montessori realized that learning itself is a natural process. This idea and her belief that every child has vast potential sparked the basis for her educational philosophy and life’s work. Today, Montessori schools the world over have as their foundation her deep respect for children as unique individuals and her profound concern for their social and emotional development.

In our classrooms every day, students practice activities in practical skills, math, language, science, history, geography, art, writing and music. Every day, children and adults honor kindness, compassion, mutual respect and peace.

Montessori education is known for following the child, respecting his own pace of development while fostering his interests, and promoting independence, both within the structure of the classroom and out in the wider world. American Montessori School is a place which responds to each child as an individual. We are a vibrant, international community of learners, where children and adults can learn from each other, by teaching and by doing. We strive to create a respectful, peaceful environment where students can grow and be who they are. At AMI we believe that each person – child, parent, and staff – brings something unique and valuable to our community.

We invite you to visit our school and spend some time with us, to understand how children interact with one another and with the adults who are their guides and teachers. See how responsibility and independence are fostered, how the child-appropriate environment makes it possible for children to do what they are capable of, and how adults follow the child’s lead to meet his developmental needs. Come meet our faculty and learn more about our programs for Playgroup through KG senior. Join us for a tour and see why children love being here. We look forward to meeting you!