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2017/11/29 5:17:17 PM : New Admissions : Registration Open for the Academic Year 2019-20, please contact +91 98843 05698 for admission


AMI seeks to educate the whole child, applying the Montessori philosophy, in a family- oriented and safe environment Everything in a AMI classroom has a specific use or purpose. There is nothing in the prepared environment that the child cannot see or touch. All of the furniture and equipment is scaled down to the child’s size and within easy reach. Safety and Security of the child is given prime importance.

A quality AMI classroom has a busy, productive atmosphere where joy and respect abound. Within such an enriched environment, freedom, responsibility, and intellectual development spontaneously flourish. All classrooms are air- conditioned and meet the highest level of hygiene.

In an AMI classroom, every method and every piece of equipment takes advantage of a child’s inherent desire to learn. Children are free to work in groups or on their own. They may sit at a table or move about the room. Equal importance is given to Outdoor and physical activities. Here, the curriculum and teachers’ role are all carefully designed to honor self – paced growth while encouraging social cooperation.