News Updates
2017/11/29 5:17:17 PM : New Admissions : Registration Open for the Academic Year 2019-20, please contact +91 98843 05698 for admission

Application Process


To be considered for admission, families must complete these steps:

The School Visit

Parents are requested to visit the school office during working hours and have an informational tour of the entire program. Visits include time to speak with the Admissions staff.

The Application

Completed applications, including records for current and former schools, current School Evaluation Forms and a nonrefundable fee must be received before the specified date

The Interview

While applicants visit the classroom, parents are interviewed by an Admissions representative. Younger candidates attend either small group or individual interviews with their parents.

American Montessori School seeks students who will thrive in our mixed-age environment that offers freedom of choice within limits and supports the development of autonomy, intellectual curiosity, and personal and social responsibility. Families are expected to work with the school in a spirit of collaboration that will support their child and the school’s mission. Though Admissions are on a first come first basis, Families interested in making a long-term commitment to the school are given priority.