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2017/11/29 5:17:17 PM : New Admissions : Registration Open for the Academic Year 2019-20, please contact +91 98843 05698 for admission

Welcome to American Montessori International and thank you for visiting our school online. We are delighted you have found your way to this page and hope that as you explore you will develop a sense of dynamic, creative, and caring place AMI school is, and that you will come and visit us in person soon.

Ours is a spirited, happy, and hard-working learning community where imaginative play and disciplined inquiry are an integral part of every student’s experience. AMI is committed to a strong academic program that engages students cognitively, physically, and creatively in meaningful learning experiences, while also engaging their emotions as they learn about themselves, their individual learning styles, and how to relate to others. Our students are empowered to make choices, to work hard to overcome challenges, and to engage deeply and meaningfully in a curriculum based multi-aged classrooms.

Our mission is founded on the idea that mutual respect should inform our relationships, and that students are empowered by making decisions and exercising developmentally appropriate degrees of responsibility for their own learning and self-direction.

At AMI the students are confident and compassionate, with an ability to advocate and lead. Such skills emerge from being able to think critically, to solve problems and to work both independently and collaboratively in a multi-age group. At AMI, we not only prepare students with skills and knowledge, but also intentionally encourage stewards of our world, who can live happy, fulfilling lives. Our students learn about the complexity of a world where our interdependencies demand sensitivity to culture.

Our school-home partnership helps children build a strong understanding of themselves as learners. This partnership also helps instill in students a sense of responsibility to themselves and to their community. Our aim is that children leaving The American Montessori School see and value both the common threads which connect us to others and the breadth of differences in our larger world.

Student learning occurs all over the campus and throughout the city and world. We foster a commitment to service with projects on campus, as well as local and global organizations. We expect our students to acquire the advocacy skills that contribute to a more peaceful world, respecting diversity and the environment. Please look at our mission and philosophy and most important, come share time with us.


Registration Open for the below programs:   

  • Sand Art

    The sand art competition was implemented to kindle the creative genius in each child. Though the children used adhesive and sand, the outcome was breathtaking.

  • Aerobics

    The motor skills of the students were assessed based on the steps, selection of music, costume and props that were used during the children’s performances. Though the music was only instrumental, it was a feast to watch the tiny tots perform with so much of vigor and bubbling energy.

  • Apple drawing competition

    The apple drawing competition was held on the 28th of August, 2017. This was a 30-minute competition that saw many enthusiastic participants with their parents goading them to finish the task within the time limit. The winners were based on the shape of their apple, their pencil grip and overall neatness.

  • Story narration

    The story narration competition for the junior kindergarten students, as part of the talent fest, was held on the 28th of August, 2017. The winners were rated based on the narration, costume, pronunciation, facial expressions and their overall performance.

  • Movie Night

    Movie night was held on 20th January, after the food carnival. Students and parents enjoyed the night in an open-air theater with snacks and food served at intervals. It was indeed a day to remember for all who attended.

  • Food Carnival

    The food carnival, for the students and parents, was held in our school campus with much fun and galore. Though the event had many participants from nearby hotels, the goal was to promote a spirit of togetherness by providing a platform for the parents of our school to socialize as a family. There were many leading hotel chains who displayed their eateries ranging from sandwiches, pizzas, chaats, biryanis and much more. The event also had stalls for mehendi and tattoos, hands-on pottery making, and colourful candles to add flavour to the entire event.

  • Colour Day

    Be unique; stand out, shine and be colourful.

    Colour Day is celebrated monthly by the kindergarten students. Each Colour Day is signified by students dressing themselves with that particular colour with many takeaways for the students like objects, toys and decorative items handmade by the students and teachers corresponding to that month’s colour.

  • Academic Year

    Welcome to American Montessori. The school’s academic year for 2018-19 will start on June 6th, 2018.

  • Parent-Teachers Meeting

    Welcome to AMI. Updates about the Parent-Teacher’s Meeting for 2018-19 will be posted here.